Quality Control

TSI utilizes both in-house and third-party testing procedures to ensure all of our products meet and exceed the project-specific requirements. Before construction begins our products are subjected to testing for sealant adhesion and compatibility, and our panel systems have been tested by Intertek Group, Plc, formerly known as Architectural Testing, Inc. to meet the relevant AAMA standards. When purchasing extrusions from third-party vendors, we confirm that their products meet the necessary AAMA standards and engineering requirements for the project.

The TSI Quality Control Managing Team  has over 50 years of experience in the architectural fenestration industry. Their extensive knowledge of testing standards is applicable to our work accrued from years of working at architectural testing facilities.

When AAMA or ASTM requirements are required on a given project, a wall specimen is sent to an accredited certified testing facility for third party verification of the wall system’s performance.  In the event of a failure during testing, the failure is recorded by the testing facility.  All corrective actions are recorded, and they become part of the test report.  

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